Witcher 2 Silver Sword

The witcher 2 silver sword is used to attack monsters in the witcher universe. The original witcher silver sword was lost when the dragon attacked King Foltest and Geralt on the bridge during the assault on the Baroness. Geralt has to reconstruct the silver sword. To reconstruct the silver sword, use the diagram provided in the Geralt inventory.

Act 1 – Flotsam: In Flotsam, Geralt has to engage the blacksmith in Flotsam to construct the silver sword for him. The silver swords found so far are the “normal” silver sword, the robust silver sword (found in the witcher 2 claws of madness quest) and the superior silver sword. The superior silver sword causes about 20 points of damage before runes are added, and is the most useful silver sword for Act 1.

Act 2 – Vergen and the Succubus Quest – In the succubus quest, Geralt has to search the burial grounds north of Vergen. In the burial grounds, Geralt has to uncover lots of corpses. This will lead to the discovery of the silver sword Fate, which delivers more damage than the superb silver sword in Act 1, and will deliver poison damage to the monsters.

To further increase the damage of the superior silver sword, go to the dwarven blacksmith in Vergen a short distance from the dwarven mines (where Geralt must go to obtain the immortelle). Various diagrams are available to upgrade the silver sword to about 30 to 40 points of damage, and other special effects. One of them – the Yellow Meteorite Upgrade, allows for + 2 adrenalin on strike, which can be useful for mage development specialists who want to combine sign adrenalin and sword adrenalin to reach the use of the sign Heliotrope, which allows time to slow down.

Furthermore, after defeating the queen harpy in the harpy quest, Geralt lands the silver sword Harpy which adds additional damage on harpies. This is especially useful when moving back to Vergen from the harpy cave, as more harpies will descend to attack Geralt. Harpy silver sword also has three slots for rune allocation, so use them wisely.

The other silver sword obtained in witcher 2 act 2 is the silver sword Negotiator which is obtained after healing Saskia the virgin.

Act 3 – the following silver swords can be obtained in Act 3 of the witcher 2 –

These act 3 silver swords are needed to defeat the act 3 monsters, which are no pushovers compared to the cannon fodder of act 1 and act 2.