Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Romance Keira Metz

Witcher 3 Wild Hunt How to Romance Keira Metz and Related Quests

Keira Metz is a sorceress and previous advisor to King Foltest. Later, she was ousted, and fled when the Lodge of Sorceresses was revealed to be conspiring against the Kings and Queens of the various kingdoms, most notably Radovid. She “retired” to the life of an anonymous village witch in Velen, No Man’s Land.

Until the events of a certain young lady with Ashen hair, and then his adopted father, Geralt of Rivia, wandered into the life of Keira Metz and brought her back into the politics and intrigue of the land.

Ever the schemer, Keira Metz tries to romance the witcher into doing things for her, rather than the other way around. This is the way to romance Keira Metz in the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt.

After the main quests, Keira Metz wants to find powerful magic, and a friend with benefits.

  • Later, Geralt does need Keira Metz to help defend Kaer Morhen.


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