Witcher 2 Where is Triss Merigold?

Witcher 2 Where is Triss Merigold?

In the witcher 2, the search for Triss Merigold continues in Act 2, after she is kidnapped by Lethos. After speaking to Philippa the sorceress, Geralt is asked to speak to a drunken dwarf at the Vergen inn. This particular dwarf is located at the bar on the left when Geralt wakes into the inn. Bribe him and he will divulge the location where he saw Triss “drop” out of the sky or was thrown out of her teleportation ring by Lethos. This is a ravine beyond the burnt village south of Vergen. Head towards this location.

When Geralt heads to the location indicated on the map in the search for Triss Merigold, he encounters a troll who is cooking some soup. Geralt asks the troll what is in the soup. Apparently, it contains onions and elves, but not Triss Merigold. Although quite hard to understand due to the poor English of the troll, Geralt just about gets the idea that the troll is upset about the loss of his wife who has left him, taking Triss’s ribbon with her. There are some choices here – either eliminate this troll or sympathize with him and agree to convince his wife to return.

Witcher 2 Defeating the Harpies

In the path to the female troll, the witcher Geralt has to face several harpies. This is where the battle gets interesting. At this stage, if one follows the mage development path, then it may be possible to reach the Heliotrope sign using adrenalin accumulation. Use this technique to destroy the harpies and reach the female troll. Alternatively, if one has other skills, then use them accordingly.

Witcher 2 Encounter with the Mercenaries

At the end of the road, Geralt meets up with the female troll. There are some mercenaries threatening the troll. Either help the mercenaries or help the troll. If Geralt helps the troll, and attacks the mercenaries, at some stage the mercenaries will surrender and join Saskis’ army if Geralt asks them to seek out the alderman dwarf. Then speak to the female troll, and ask her to return to her husband. A cut scene takes place, and Geralt is able to take Triss’s ribbon from the female troll.

Return to Philippa so she can cast a scry spell and locate Triss.