Tomb Raider Walkthrough Begins

In Tomb Raider, Lara Croft is reborn. Lara and her crew set out on a mission to find the Dragon’s Triangle and the Himata Queen somewhere in the seas of Japan. Their ship gets caught in a mighty storm within the Dragon’s Triangle. The ship is torn apart, and Lara barely escapes the flooding within the ship. She jumps across to the second half of the ship, but falls into the sea. Lara makes it to shore but is knocked unconscious by some unknown assailant and then separated from the rest of her team. She wakes up and finds herself embalmed within some kind of cocoon. Thus begins the tomb raider legend and walkthrough, as Lara starts her first archaeology adventure and treasure hunt on this mysterious island. This will guide Lara Croft as she attempts to become the legendary Lara Croft and solve the archaeological mysteries on this island.

Tomb Raider Force of Will

The first thing Lara needs to do is to learn the art of survival, beginning with how to get out of a cocoon whilst being suspended midair. Swing with momentum towards the fire until the cloth and ropes catch fire. Lara will fall to the ground when the rope burns up. She will injure herself but will manage to get up and try to find a way out. Witness the horrific scenes in the cave as a dazed and injured Lara makes her way to the exit.

The next crucial step is to learn how to use a torch. Grab the torch and then hold it against the inflammable crates and barrels to allow them to catch fire. This will open up the initially blocked exit. Lara will move along and then exit through a small crevice into a storeroom. Lara’s next training in survival begins with going into survival mode. This will allow most parts of the room to be darkened and then the inflammable parts of the room to light up. Climb up the ledge and set fire to the cloth. This will set off flames which will progress to the explosive barrel. The resultant explosion will create another exit.

Head through the exit and into a very low and small passageway. At this point, the unknown assailant returns and grabs Lara’s legs. Mash the buttons to keep him away and continue Lara’s escape. Continue through the tunnel until a half flooded cavern is reached. Lara must find a way out of this cavern (Scavenger’s Den). The key here is to go through the waterfall and see a crate hanging up in the air.

Once another explosion produces another exit, go through the exit. This explosion will weaken the structure of the entire cave system. Lara must escape by running and jumping onto ledges as the ground and ceiling fall away from her.

Eventually, Lara almost reaches the exit, but the scavenger returns to grab her leg again. This time, mash the buttons to kick at the assailant. Lara must be fast here, or she will get smashed by the rocks. If Lara kicks hard enough, the scavenger will be crushed instead, and Lara must run and jump through the final series of tunnels. Then climb up the cave and reach the outside.

The adventures of Lara Croft has begun.