The Witcher Triology Walkthrough – Witcher 2 Guide Begins

As we countdown the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt in May, we begin with the recount of the witcher triology, and the witcher 2.

The witcher 2 walkthrough will be provided here.

Geralt of Rivia returns in the witcher 2. The prologue of witcher 2 starts with Geralt recounting the events in the assault of Foltest against the Baroness. Geralt starts off with Triss Merigold in a beautiful morning. Instead he is summoned to the King’s side and asked to accompany him on his assault on the town occupied by the Baroness.

This part of the game is rather straightforward. Master the basics of the art of combat and one should be fine. Later on, the dragon attacks, and the key here is just to run as fast as possible from the dragon fire breath. Triss is left behind as the archway collapses as the King, Geralt and Vernon Roche make their way across the temple in witcher 2.

The way into the witcher 2 temple is blocked by a huge gate. Geralt is ordered to look for a way into the witcher 2 temple. This is done by locating a group of prisoners in the town below and finding a plank like wall. Use the Aard sign to smash the plank wall aside, and then destroy all the soldiers inside. Make your way into the couryard and unlock the gate. Allow the king to come in and accompany him into the temple solar.

In the temple solar, the King meets his children. The witcher is asked to turn away. Accompanying the royal children is a priest in a cloak. Unfortunately, the priest is actually the assassin of kings, and Foltest falls to him.

Geralt is too late to save the king, and the assassin flees, leaving Geralt with the body of the king. Obviously Geralt is framed for the death of the king.