The Surge Walkthrough Game Guide and Tips

In the Surge, the player stars as Warren, who could not walk initially. Following the very painful installation of a rig to his body, Warren is now able to walk. However, for some inexplicable reasons, he is discarded into the junkyard. This will provide the Surge walkthrough and game guide about what to do and game tips on how to maximize the rig.

First, Warren must learn to fight.

Later on, Warren learns that fighting is more than just strong attack and light attack and dodge.

Warren must aim for certain parts of the enemy cyborg. This includes the head, the body, the right arm, the left arm, the right leg and the left leg. The right arm is most useful, as Warren can cut this and make himself another weapon. Cutting off the cyborg other parts such as the leg or arm or body will allow Warren to install these components and increase his stats.

Warren stats include the following –

  • health
  • stamina
  • power

The Surge Install Implants

Installing implants form one of the most important parts of the game. Warren can collect implants and then install at medbay operations to become stronger. One of the most important implants is the refill health implant. Warren can have more than 1 implant; just exchange for new power core and level up.

The Surge Upgrade Weapons and Legs Body Arms Parts

As Warren defeats enemies, he will collect resources such as tungsten and arms and body parts of the cyborg. Of course, cutting off parts like the right arm gives Warren weapons, which he can access and change at the inventory, or just upgrade later on.

  • Upgrade requires schematics, the necessary body parts and resources like tungsten.

The Surge Choose Between Agile Lynx or Strong Persistent Brute Rhino

At the very beginning of the game, Warren can choose between the agile Lynx rig or the Brute Rhino. This walkthrough game guide was done using the Lynx rig, although one suspects that the Brute Rhino rig will probably be more effective due to the game mechanics and the way the game plays (much in the manner of a modern cyborg version of Dark Souls)

Warren needs to find out what happened to Creo. And so he needs to get from one Med Bay to the next. Standing in his way are the passages of Creo facilities, and the lots of enemies along the way. Defeat the enemies to become stronger and of course, defeat the boss of each area.