The Surge Assembly Line Walkthrough Game Guide to Rocket Assembly Power Plant

The Surge sees Warren resurrected as a rig specialist. Whilst previously he was unable to walk, now he is able to use his own 2 feet, and all thanks to a rig installed into his system. Warren was on his way to the first day at work, and instead he finds himself discarded into the junkyard after having had his rig installed. He must find his way to the truth of what happened to him at Creo. This the surge walkthrough game guide will focus on

  • the Surge Walkthrough from the Medbay Operator Assembly Line area to the Rocket Assembly Power Plant area

Initially, from the medbay area, Warren has no place to go except down the stairs and forwards onto the first enemy of the game. Then he must find a new power core, and exchange for this at the medbay. Defeat the enemy to get the new power core.

Next, head back down to the doors, and use overcharge to open the doors.

Following this, Warren reaches the main assembly area. Here, he will need to open 2 shortcut doors. One of them is to his near right, the other is farther up and then to his right. Of course there are lots more enemies along the way. Both shortcut doors lead back to the medbay operator area.

Next, if Warren moves on further, he will reach an open space area with some drones. Defeat the drones, and move up the stairs and and then reach the top. Move down the stairs and Warren will reach the next area, the

  • Rocket Assembly
  • Power Plant Area