The Order 1886 Weapons Guide

In the Order 1886, the hero Galahad must use everything at his disposal to uncover the truth behind the conspiracies surrounding the Order, the Rebels and the werewolves or lycans. He must rely on his weapons, namely his guns, and his wits to outgun and outfight just about everything that is shooting or biting back at him. This the Order 1886 weapons guide will provide the hero on the types of primary and secondary weapons to use, and when and which chapter to use what weapons.

1. Galahad’s Fists and Whatever He Can Get His Hands On

The Order 1886 starts off with the prologue chapter, known as Once A Knight. Here, Galahad is imprisoned, and must use his wits to help him escape. Whilst drowned in water and tortured, he uses his prisoner’s cuffs to make good his escape and then uses an empty pistol to threaten and defeat the enemies. Surrounded, Galahad then makes a reverse leap of faith down into the waters below.

2. M2 “Falchion” Autorifle

Flashback to the good times. Galahad embarks on his daily patrol with Igraine, his student and possibly lover. They encounter some low level rebels. Time to whip out those weapons. Galahad has his trusty –

  • M2 “Falchion” Autorifle

The M2 “Falchion” Autorifle has two modes – an auto firing mode, and a stun mode, which will not be evident until Galahad and Igraine have to rescue some hostages.

– M2 Falchion Autorifle Stun Mode

After breaking down the door, Galahad uses the

  • stun mode of the M2 Falchion Autorifle

to stun the captor and free the hostage.

3. The Order 1886 Secondary Weapons

Galahad can switch between his primary, or main weapon, and his secondary or handheld weapon. Galahad starts off with a rudimentary weapon in his off-hand –

  • the C78 Autoloading Pistol

As Galahad progresses in the game and within each scenario, he will run out of ammunition and have to pick up more ammunition and handhelds from the ground. The other secondary weapons may be better, because of the ability of these other secondary weapons to hit the head more accurately, or because of the “phish phish” sounds of the guns.

4. The Order 1886 Grenades and Grenade Launcher

Advancing into the Grande Lounge, Galahad and Igraine unveil another line of standard weapons in FTP games – the grenades. Galahad uses the

  • smoke grenade

to mask his entrance into the lounge, where he then proceeds to take down the enemies through melee and the autorifle. Later in the game, Galahad is armed with the explosive grenade and can use the grenade launcher, otherwise known as the

  • TS-17 Detonator

The TS-17 Detonator has two advantages. It can be used to launch grenades and kill multiple enemies. Second, it has a delayed explosion effect. Wait for enemies to arrive and then activate the charges.

Note – you do not get the TS-17 Detonator until much later in the game.

5. The Order 1886 Blackwater

Do not underestimate the power of the Blackwater. This source of healing is regarded as a weapon, because it means the Order can never be truly defeated. When one is down on the ground, use Blackwater to revive oneself. When the enemies are faced with having to defeat immortality, their morale will surely take a hit.

However, the Blackwater begs the question – ” Where does the Blackwater come from?”

Whilst one ponders the question, we move on to the other more conventional weapons of the Order.

6. The Order 1886 Thermite Rifle

Thankfully, it is not too long into the game before Galahad is armed with one of the favorite weapons in the game –

  • the Thermite Rifle

This ingenious rifle first sprays the enemies with thermite – a highly combustible spray of thermal energy infused dynamite, and then a burst of firepower from the rifle ignites the thermite, causing massive inferno damage. Brilliant!

Thankfully, it is not too long into the game before Galahad is armed with one of the favorite weapons in the game –

7. The Order 1886 Arc Electricity Gun

Also known as the –

  • TS 23 Arc Induction Lance

the arc electricity gun zaps the enemies in front of it. The loading time of this weapon is a worry though, especially against the shotgun enemies.

8. The Order 1886 Sniper Rifle

The good old sniper rifle is one that can be counted on in all games and modern warfare. The sniper rifle is first found in Tesla’s labs, and later put to good use in the game, on both sides of the fence.

The primitive version of the sniper rifle is the carbine rifle. It can still be used to get out of tough situations, such as when confronting the rebel ambush, especially when the actual sniper rifle runs out of ammunition.

  • Use the sniper rifle and the carbine rifle to get out of hell.

9. The Order 1886 Knife, Backstab and Sneak Attack

Another favorite weapon of fans returns in the Order 1886. Armed with a knife, Galahad can be quite lethal from unsuspecting positions. Just be sure to press on the triangle when prompted, or the sneak attacks will be foiled by the enemies, and a dead knight is the result. However, at the right moment, the backstab and sneak attacks with Galahad’s knife produces that creepily satisfying sound.

10. The Order 1886 Crossbow

A melee sneak attack is not enough in these troubled times. A silent ranged attack weapon is necessary.

You can unlock the crossbow in the Chapter – Brothers in Arms.
Here, go all out and attack the guards with the crossbow. Hitting any part of the guards in the gardens will eliminate them, including seemingly non-lethal parts of the body. Such is the awesomeness and deadliness of the crossbow.



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