The Order 1886 Walkthrough

The Order 1886 walkthrough starts on the Twentieth Day of November 1886.

In the Order: 1886, the hero knight Sir Galahad starts off in a dungeon, the catacombs of the order. This once proud knight has been reduced to a ghastly shadow of his proud self. Whilst in the process of being tortured, self defence and instinct takes once. Galahad rips the bracelets off the pedestal and smashes it into the guard. Thus the escape begins.

Galahad uses just every trick in his book to escape from the catacombs of the Order 1886. He finds an empty pistol, and pretends it is fully loaded with ammunition. Who cares? The enemy is taken in anyway. Using melee skills and raw survival instincts, Galahad crawls and battles his way to near safety.

Surrounded by the enemies he once called comrades, Galahad makes a reverse leap of faith into the river below. A knight dies. A revolutionary hero is born.

The Order 1886 Chapter 1 Always A Knight

They say life flashes before one in the moments before one’s death. Perhaps this is what happened to Galahad as we recount the events leading up to the prologue.

Date – some time in October 1886 before the events above.

It was a typical morning in London. The task given to Galahad by Sir Perceval was simple. Go meet Lady Igraine. What transpired was not so simple.

Galahad and Igraine met with fierce resistance as they came up against the rebels. But the rebels were not the worst enemies.

The werewolves or lycans waited to pounce on Galahad.

At the end of Chapter 1, Galahad’s team was assembled, and consisted of –

  • Galahad
  • Igraine
  • Perceval
  • Lafayette

The Order 1886 Chapter 2 Amongst Equals

Chapter 2 begins with an introduction of the audience to the council. One almost falls asleep trying listening to the incessant talk between the Head of the Order, the Council and the Knights. This part introduces another prominent character into the fray –

Lucan is the knight commander, and tasks Galahad with looking after his sister, Igraine. With that, Galahad sets off to explore the wonders of Tesla’s lab.

The Order 1886 Chapter 3 Inequalities

The Order then proceeds into Whitechapel, and there, the rebels are revealed to be conspiring to overtake the orderly part of Victorian London, and overthrow the Queen. Perceval wants the team to find a way into Whitechapel Hospital. This part of the game may be a bit difficult for the beginner, with Galahad and Lafayette having to battle through some rebel ambush.

  • Remember to hide behind cover, and then take out the sniper with the carbine rifle.
  • Explore the first area of the rebel ambush and pick up the sniper rifle.
  • Finally, go through the second part of the rebel ambush, using a variety of hide behind cover and run tactics. Be conservative with the sniper rifle ammunition, and use the sniper rifle with the carbine rifle to take down the enemies.

With the difficult battles navigated, go and meet with Perceval and Igraine and discover the awesomeness of the Thermite Rifle. Battle through more enemy forces, but this time, use the rifle to defeat the enemies and then dislocate the bridge. With the bridge damaged, go to the outside of Whitechapel Hospital and signal the airship to launch an attack on the hospital to disperse the lycans.

Chapter 4 An Endless Battle

Igraine and Galahad stride forth into the hospital and are dismayed to find that the hospital is in ruins, destroyed by war, looters, rebels and werewolves. They make their way to the basement, and then try to find their way to each other again. However, a white elder werewolf stands in their paths. Defeat the elder werewolf and then use the power of the Blackwater to heal Igraine. Finally, search the hospital ward to find proof of an assassination plot against Lord Hastings.

Chapter 5 Agamemnon Rising

In this chapter, the crew of Galahad and company take to the skies. They secure passage into the Agamemnon, courtesy of an airdrop onto the air ship. Then the team split up. Galahad must muster the techniques of stealth walkthrough and then proceed, first to take out the captain of the ship and take over the helm, and then later to the ballroom.

To get to the ballroom undetected, Galahad can either take down or sneak attack and backstab the guards, or he can try to avoid them and get to the ballroom. To successfully sneak attack, remember to press the button only when the triangle sign is flashing. An unsuccessful backstab signifies death for the hero.

  • Identify the disguised assailant in the ballroom and then defeat all the guards to get to Lord Hastings and the getaway.
  • Then move along and find the saboteur. Also spot the other heroine of the story (other than Igraine) along the way.

Chapter 6 In the Darkest Hour

And so, although the heroes find the saboteur, the airship crashes. Galahad manages to climb out of the debris alive. He staggers through the pile of debris, and finds his comrade in arms Perceval dead. The dead knight is mourned at the headquarters of the Order.

Chapter 7 The Knighthood

Lafayette is appointed to knight at the headquarters. He is given the vial of Blackwater. Does giving the vial of Blackwater also convey near immortality. It was mentioned that the “old” Perceval was nearly six centuries old.

Chapter 8 Under Siege

The peace is momentary. The ceremony of knighthood is interrupted as the rebels attack the bridge and try to capture Lord Hastings.

This is the perfect opportunity to use the T23 Arc Induction Lance, or the arc electricity gun. This gun fires off an arc of electricity which zaps an enemy and in most cases, will kill an enemy outright. However, it is offset by its rather long loading time.

Follow this up with Galahad going berserk and taking on all the men on the bridge, in an attempt to avenge his friend.

The chase eventually leads Galahad to the women saboteur at Whitechapel.

And so Galahad tracks down the supposed person responsible for his friend’s death. However, all is not what it seems. Deep down, Galahad knows it. He decides to listen to the woman and see what this leads him. First, he has to take down his knight armor wear. Once a knight, always a knight, or is it? What are the secrets behind the United India Company and the Order?