The Flash Episode 15 Out of Time Review

Let’s Reverse Time.

Seriously, what just happened in this episode of the Flash Episode 15 Out of Time? For those who havent watched the episode, please do not go further. Here are the most outrageous moments in the episode –

1. Harrison Wells reveals to Cisco that he is the Reverse Flash. His real name is Eobard Thawne, he is from the future, he wants the Barry Allen from 15 years ago dead, and he is so sorry that Cisco had to find out his real identity.

** With his vibrating hand, Wells aka Eobard aka the Reverse Flash takes down Cisco. Cisco is gone. **

2. Wait a second! The Flash just did an accidental time travel at the end of the episode as he was so desperate to save the people of Central City and his sweetheart Iris from the tsunami that he went so fast he went back in time. So the Flash can change everything, and that includes Cisco’s death.

3. The Flash can also change revealing his secret identity to Iris.

4. The Flash can prevent his kissing of Iris. Not too sure why he would want to prevent that.

5. The Flash can save Joe West from the Weather Wizard.

6. The Flash just needs to find a way to run back to the present.  It’s only 24 hours, or perhaps even just 12 hours, not too much a feat for the Flash. However, Harrison Wells needs to pick up Barry’s energy and run forwards a few centuries. That’s why he’s stuck in time. They’re all stuck in time, and we’re stuck in the most fantastic episode ever of the Flash that will cease to exist and become unstuck in 1 week’s time.


 The Episode that Is and May Become that Was

The Flash Episode that Will Change the Episode that Was. Confused?