The Division Level Up Guide

In the Division, the hero or sleeper agent needs to level up and awaken his powers in order to achieve supremacy over his enemies. The attributes of the sleeper agent is determined by his health, weapon and skill power. To increase these the agent needs to level up. Only then can he undertake better missions, and get better weapons. It is a cycle.

The agent needs the weapons and then mod the weapons in order to be stronger. Each weapon is different and each weapon can be level up by attaching several mods to the weapon. It is recommended that the agent gets the special weapons the sniper rifle and the submachine gun or sometime that fires at high rates.

Then mod the weapons, and the agent can level up pretty fast.

Once you are high level enough, you will unlock the second skills slots and unlock the medical, tech and security wings and add more effective skills like turret and talent to the skills slots.

Health is primarily increased by adding as much armor to the agent has possible.

  • Get rarer blueprints and make better weapons. Get weapon parts. This will allow the hero agent to level up faster.

  • Get weapons part