Tales of Berseria Artes List Use Artes in Combat for Velvet and Other Party Members

Velvet and her party members can use artes in combat to dramatic effects, most visually and when used against the enemies to inflict maximal damage. Here is a list of some of the artes that favorite members of Velvet’s party use, or otherwise known as Miss Maligou’s Party.

 Tales of Berseria Velvet Break Artes List

First enter Consuming Claw. When holding 3 or more souls, hold R2 to go into break soul mode. Cost 1 soul – biles into a foe and if they are unafflicted by a status effect, steals their strength to enter daemon mode.

List of break artes to execute when in break soul mode –

  • Scarlet Edge – automatically perfoemd when leaving therion form after successfully performing a consuming claw attack against a beast type enemy.
  • Zero impact vest – against armored type enemy
  • Real Strafe
  • Thunder Blitz
  • Laughing Raven
  • Blue Inferno
  • Lunar Surface
  • Jet Blizzard
  • Phalanx Raid
  • Discord – nice visual when used against human enemies, together with Velvet’s scream of ahhhhh!!!

Tales of Berseria Magilou Artes List

Unlock Magilou later on in the game to get her to fight in combat.