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The Witcher 3 Where is Triss Merigold in Kaer Morhen


In the Witcher 3, as soon as Geralt finishes the relatively important main quests and side quests on Skellige, he will retrieve Uma and then get Uma and himself to Kaer Morhen.

Example of important side quest in Skellige – romance Yennefer again.

    • At Kaer Morhen – it has been too long.

Then the next and probably one of the 5 most important questions in the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt – where is Triss Merigold? Geralt hunts high and low for Triss Merigold in Kaer Morhen.

But Geralt did the Now or Never Quest the right way. Triss Merigold must be at Kaer Morhen.

And then he realizes he cannot find Triss Merigold at Kaer Morhen until he has finished the Ugly Uma quest and must gather his allies to defeat the Wild Hunt.

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