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The Flash Episode 16 Rogue Time Review

Yeah, nothing happened last week that became reality and history.

The Flash went back in time, one day back. Despite Harrison Wells telling him not to change history, and to do as what he had done the day before, or the day that was to have happened but never did, Barry Allen did not do as he was told. And the result – everything that happened last week changed. Here’s a summary (spoilers alert!!! – watch the episode first before reading on) –

1. Harrison Wells reveals to Cisco that he is the son that he never had, instead of killing Cisco. Wells asks Cisco to stay at Stars Lab.

2. Harrison Wells has the following quotes about time travel

  • “Mr Allen – a word please. You ruptured the time continuum”
  • “Whatever tragedy you think you just averted, time will find a way to replace it…”

3. End result – Barry now suspects that Harrison Wells is the Reverse Flash, having traveled “centuries” to go back in time.

4. The Rogue Gallery is being carefully constructed.

5. The Golden Gilder (Peyton List) is introduced into the series as part of the Rogues. Yeah! And she turns things into gold!!!

Flash!!! You need to travel time travel more… carefully, of course!


 At least the Golden Gilder arrives…

Next up, the Trickster arrives… and the Flash Reverse Flash confrontation is delayed a little bit…