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Tales of Berseria Walkthrough Game Guide

Tales of Berseria is a animation RPG about a young lady’s journey from her small village of Longing to the capital of the world, as she gathers allies around her in an attempt to dethrone and unmask the actual villain of the world. The Tales of Berseria walkthrough game guide has arrived. Accompany Velvet the therion on her journey across the world.

Velvet starts as off in her village of Longing, innocent, and her only task is to look after her brother, Laphicet, and learn from her teacher – Arthur.

The tasks of looking after her brother are mundane indeed, and includes hunting prickleboars and making dinner for her brother. Her sister Celica used to take care of her brother, but she had passed on Scarlet Moon Night, her life robbed by daemons. Princessia flowers are the favourite of Celica, and her grave stands outside the Velvet residence.

However, all is not well, as the night of the Scarlet Moon approaches. Sure enough, on this very night, Velvet is transformed physically and emotionally, by what she saw. And she gets her infamous demon claw, and an insatiable hunger to feed, and an inability to taste food.

Fast foward to 3 years after the events of the Scarlet Moon Night. Velvet the therion daemon has been locked up for 3 years on Titania. And then one day, a surprise visit by Arthur, or now known as Lord Artorius’s malak Seres. And the journey begins anew. This time, not for adventure, but for vengeance.

  • Seres sacrifices herself so that Velvet may escape. The sorceror ring is forged, and Velvet learns to unleash the power of her demon claw – the break soul technique.

Of course, in 3 years, the world has changed much. Lord Artorius controls the world through the Abbey. But before Velvet can go anywhere, she has to defeat the malak dragon.

Many questions remain for Velvet and her fans as she starts her perilous journey into this new world. ┬áThese include –

  • how to fight
  • what are artes? What are the artes category?
  • what are Malaks? what are Malakhims?

Tales of Berseria is a animation RPG with rich animation story line and rich combat dynamics and item and costume customization. Fun characters that make the RPG animation great! Purchase Tales of Berseria now.