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Batman V Superman Easter Eggs and Secrets

Batman V Superman is finally here. Here are the easter eggs and secrets, with a quick review.

  • Batman V Superman Breaking News – Earnings Update – as of 27th March 2016, Batman V Superman has made $219.91 million worldwide (USD $80 million in the States).

–> Spoilers Alert!

  • Quick Review of Batman V Superman

Zack Synder has produced a comic book adaption of the trinity of DC superheroes – Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.┬áIn the first few scenes, the movie feels like turning through the comic book pages of DC comics. We live through the lives of young Bruce, and the ramifications of Superman’s actions in Man of Steel. Next, the introduction of older Bruce as the CEO of Wayne Enterprise, followed by his infiltration into Lex Luthor’s mansion to get his secrets. Here’s where the easter eggs and secrets come hard and fast.

–> More Spoilers Alert!!!

    • The Flash sends Batman a message through time travel. We think. From the future, where future Batman fights against the Sons of Superman against Darkseid and the Omega Sign. The parademon who knocks Batman down is so obvious you cannot miss it.

    • Cyborg Origins is seen on surveillance tape.
    • We through Aquaman was going to emerge from the underwater area in Gotham / Wayne Manor to get the kryptonite spear, but that didnt happen.
    • When Superman was nearly dead in outer space, did we get a glimpse of Bizzaro Superman?
    • Superman is killed in the movie by Doomsday, much like the comics in the 1990s.
  • The soil above Superman’s coffin starts to rise. What does this mean? He is alive or he returns as Bizzaro Superman? We are told its Superman’s biomagnetic field which allows him to defy gravity. Hence the soil flying.
  • Is Jena Malone’s cut scene the one featuring the girl that Bruce Wayne rescued coming back as an adult girl, perhaps Batgirl?