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Sniper Ghost Warrior Act 3 Act 4 Walkthrough Game Guide

In Sniper Ghost Warrior, Jon North discovers more and more of Society 23 as he moves from Act 2 to Act 3 to Act 4. This will focus on the latter stages of the game, and focus on the walkthrough game guide on sniper ghost warrior towards to end of the game from Act 3 to Act 4.

First, Jon North finds his brother.

Later, on towards the end of Act 3, Jon North discovers a benevolent scientist forced to work for S23.

Jon goes to the slaughterhouse to rescue his comrade. He needs to find the key card first in the slaughterhouse mission.

Then he realizes that the benevolent scientist is not so benevolent after all. Sergei Flostov has kidnapped Raquel and Jon must get her back.

First meet up with Lydia.

Then head to the sniping point.

Finally intercept the ambush.

  • Act 4 Final Series of Mission – the Deep Ending.