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Neverwinter Walkthrough as Control Wizard, Rogue, Scourge Warlock and Paladin

Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter has started. This dungeons and dragons neverwinter walkthough will focus on the control wizard and chart the progress of the control wizard (and perhaps occasionally, the high level trickster rogue) as he journeys through the world of Neverwinter and Faerun. The scourge warlock and paladin gameplay walkthrough will be entered as they become available.

The period of Neverwinter is set somewhere after the events of the Spellplague in 1385, when Mystra (mistress of magic) was assassinated. This caused a ripple to become a tsunami in the Weave and rendered spells to become unpredictable, changing the whole way magic was cast in Faerun.

In Neverwinter, the hero can play as the following classes –

  • control wizard
  • trickster rogue
  • ranger
  • scourge warlock

Neverwinter Scourge Warlock Gameplay Walkthrough in the Dark Hunter Quest

  • fighter
  • cleric
  • and paladin, now available!

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The city of Neverwinter was not spared the cataclysm, and in the aftermath of the Spellplague, was devastated and then creatures from the surroundings took advantage of the chaos and invaded Neverwinter. Thus begins the story of this generation of Neverwinter, as the arch lich raises the undead lich dragon and tries to claim Neverwinter.

As usual, an unknown adventurer drifts to shore in Neverwinter, having been caught in a terrible storm which wrecked his ship and rendered his items lost or useless. It is no surprise that this is a time of need for adventurers, and this particular adventurer will become the true hero for this generation of Neverwinter.

Enlisted into the army immediately, the adventurer is tasked with securing Sleeping Dragon Bridge, where he faces the Harbinger in a fight to the death.