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Mass Effect Andromeda Kadara Side Quests and Task Missions

In Mass Effect Andromeda, Kadara is full of scavengers. Where there are scavengers, there will be lots of side quests. It is best to start from the start point outside Kadara Slums in the south east or south part of the map. Follow the road west to find the wind farm. There are 2 quests here.


  • A Package Deal Quest. Get this quest from the Turian merchant at the wind farm. She sells some pretty cool Nomad colour paint.

  • Go to the nav point provided by the Turian merchant. Obviously it appears to be a sort of ambush.

Not just one ambush, but another after the first batch of exiles are defeated.

  • Gone with the Wind Quest

These quests will increase AVP points and viability of Kadara, albeit on a small scale.

Here is a selection of some other side quests on Kadara.

  • The SOS quest. Find the bring the UV light to the herbal entrepreneurs.

  • Mind Games QuestCerberus is in the Andromeda Galaxy

This is a quest east of Kadara Slums. It is interesting because it mentions the organization Cerberus. Well, it has been 600 years. Miranda Lawson is also mentioned here.

  • Also allows Ryder to make a decision about the Andromeda “Cerberus” mind control machines.

  • Task – Kadara’s Random – the datapads are randomly located. Find the datapads in random locations in Kadara Badlands.

  • Something in the Water Mission

There is something in the water on Kadara. It’s sulphur and it makes the water undrinkable for all biological organic species – Angara, humans, salarian, asari, krogans. Get this quest in the northwest part of the Kadara Badlands map. Then search for clues to the Angaran deaths in the town north west part of the map.

Finally, get to Charybdis Point north of the Andromeda Initiative outpost to solve the mystery.

  • Optional Boss – Where to Find the Kadara Remnant Architect

More Side Quests to come- Task Cold Hard Cache.