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Mass Effect Andromeda Romance Suvi Anwar

In Mass Effect Andromeda, Suvi Anwar is the Science Officer with the lovely accent. She co-pilots the ship the Tempest with Kallo Jath. It is  possible to romance Suvi Anwar. Remember to talk to her at the earliest opportunity and fully appreciate her work with dirt even if you are a male Ryder.

Just be sure to create a female Ryder at the beginning of the game. Or perhaps wait for your twin to wake up, if you are a male Ryder.

Here is the list of the flirt conversation options Ryder should use. To start the romance, flirt at least 3 times. You can check your journal, story so far, A Crew Like None Other, and see the progression under each character (Suvi Anwar in this case).

Flirt Lines
  • When Suvi first introduces herself  – I could show you.
  • After the Prodromos Settlement is done – We should chat more on this
  • After Mission 3 A Trail of Hope – You’re not alone.
  • After Hunting the Archon – Can commit here
  • Journey to Meridian – in a relationship with Suvi
Conversation Options Lines with Dr Suvi Anwar

Mass Effect Andromeda Romance Suvi Anwar

If Ryder wants to proceed further with the Suvi Anwar romance, be the following –

  • female
  • flirted at least 3 times

If you are playing a male Ryder, do not despair. You can still get the experience by doing the following –

Suvi Anwar Mission Excess Baggage – After All Conversation Options Exhausted Around Mission 3 – Trail of Hope
  • Where to find the Excess Baggage.