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Mass Effect Andromeda Romance Peebee

Mass Effect Andromeda Romance Peebee

It is possible to Romance Peebee as a companion. Just keep flirting with Peebee once she appears, and keeping going, because Ryder is just as relentless as her. It relaxes Ryder.

  • Peebee first appears when Ryder wants to investigate the first Remnant Monolith.

  • It’s easy to build a relationship with Peebee – just keep flirting, and doing what she asks.

  • Peebee will become one of Ryder’s squad members. She is quick witted and an inventor and use of tech, not a good tank.

  • Do Peebee loyalty mission, and she will add robots to Ryder’s arsenal. Peebee reveals the Zap bot to Ryder.

  • It’s always useful to find your way to Peebee’s apartment, for activities and the like, especially since you want to romance Peeebee.

  • Peebee is definitely friends with benefits. Especially mid game, before you commit.

  • Keep doing Peebee’s loyalty missions and keep flirting with her.

  • Do the Peebee Remnant Scanner mission – this is when it will start to get serious.

    • The Peebee Remnant Scanner quest requires Peebee and Ryder to go to Eos, Havarl and Kadara to get the remnant scanner components. After which they discover that Kalinda has stolen the POD and the components. After getting POD back, Peebee receives a mysterious remnant signal. She must investigate. This is almost at the end of the series of Peebee loyalty mission, meaning you are one step closer to having a serious relationship with Peebee.