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Mass Effect Andromeda Andromeda Viability Points Cryo Deployment Perks Unlock Hidden Caches

Mass Effect Andromeda Andromeda Viability Points Level Up Nexus Get Cryo Deployment Points to Unlock Perks

There is a skill in the cryo deployment perk which will allow unlock hidden caches, and allow Ryder to get these hidden caches and get additional weapon and armor mods. And these mods or items are really good.

After the Eos main mission to establish the first Pathfinder Ryder outpost, head back to the Nexus and talk to Addison, and then her assistant. With the colonial movement officially starting, Addison and her assistant can now release personnel from cryo, starting with the ones that allow Ryder to get good perks, including the hidden caches.

The Nexus level will be capped at level 20, but as Ryder levels up the Nexus with Andromeda Viability Points, he can unlock more and more perks. Here is the AVP list.