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Mass Effect 3 Women Companions

Mass Effect 3 Women Companion

In Mass Effect 3, the ratio of women squad members to men is roughly about the same. Not only are the women great looking and hot in their causal and combat gear, they are also great assets to Shepard in terms of their unique abilities and their conversational and romantic options. This will attempt to summarize the women of mass effect 3, and the potential parts they will play in shaping Shepard’s and the galaxy’s destinies.

Mass Effect 3 Edi

Edi is the surprise package in Mass Effect 3. By scifi standards, she is scorching hot beyond description. Edi is the artificial intelligence of the Normandy SR-2 that has been downloaded into the body of Dr Eva. Edi becomes fully operational at the end of the Menae mission when the Normandy SR-2 system keeps blacking out. Edi has the following powers –

  • Incinerate
  • Overload
  • Defence Matrix
  • Decoy
  • Unshackled AI

Joker is naturally very impressed with Edi. Although Shepard cannot romance Edi, it may be possible to set Joker up with Edi……..

Mass Effect 3 Liara T’soni

Liara joins Shepard early on in the game on Mars. Liara is a romance option for Shepard, as long as Shepard talks to her regularly, especially at Apollo Cafe on Presidium Commons at the Citadel. Liara’s powers will greatly complement Shepard’s prowess and stealth as the infiltrator. Use her powers wisely.

Liara’s powers –

  • Singularity
  • Warp
  • Stasis
  • Warp Ammo
  • Pure Biotic

Mass Effect 3 Ashley Williams

Ashley Williams joins Shepard in the fight against the reapers at the very beginning. She is also injured at the beginning, and her recuperation in the Huerta Memorial Hospital serves as a useful platform for caring for and becoming intimate with Williams. To help Shepard shape the universe, Ashley has the following powers –

  • Inferno Grenade
  • Marksman
  • Concussion Shot
  • Disruptor Ammo
  • Alliance Officer

Mass Effect 3 Comms Specialist Traynor

Comms Specialist Samantha Traynor makes her first appearance after Shepard’s return to the Citadel. She can give Shepard a runthrough of her background if asked. Although not a squad member, Traynor will provide up to date information on the motivations and current (emotional) status of important crew members on Normandy, thus giving Shepard the chance to converse with them at crucial moments and for new missions. She will also provide Shepard with the Grissom Academy mission which will help increase Shepard’s war assets.

Mass Effect 3 Tali’Zorah

Tali’Zorah returns to Mass Effect 3 later on in the game with an inevitable role to play in the gathering of Shepard’s allies in the ranks of the Quarian and the Geth. Tali can be romanced by Shepard. With Tali coming back to the Normandy, there remains two main questions –

To forge Shepard’s and the galaxy’s destinies, apart from being a power negotiator in the quarian-geth conflict, Tali’Zorah has the following powers –

  • Combat Drone
  • Sabotage
  • Energy Drain
  • Defence Drone
  • Quarian Machinist

Mass Effect 3 Miranda Lawson

One cannot talk about mass effect 3 without mentioning the one – Miranda Lawson. To see all of the women in mass effect 3, there is only one option – just keep on playing. As one progresses through the game, and with the successful completion of Menae mission, Shepard will see those time honored words “You’ve Got Mail!” Check Shepard’s email station for Miranda Lawson’s news.

Of course, where there are those women who would help and protect Shepard, there would be those who seek to destroy him. Shepard’s female nemesis awaits in the shadows……..