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Injustice 2 Get Black Canary Gear

In Injustice 2, Black Canary can get and can equip a lot of great and good looking gear. Injustice 2 gear can be divided into

  • rare gear
  • epic gear
  • epic gear set

Takes some time to get the gear, but when compiled, Black Canary will look and play great. Here is the Black Canary Sonic Scream queen gear set.

  • Then, of course there is the Black Canary team – Wildcat, and the wildcat series of epic gear, being one of them.

Some of these Black Canary gear set are hard to piece together, but when you find one of them, it’s like heaven. Singing Heaven.

Black Canary does not get gear just for herself. She does it for her fellow heroes (and villains) too. For example, Black Canary gets a lot of stuff for Catwoman.

Finally, note that some of these rare items may be better than the epic items, although the stats are concentrated in one category.