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Infamous Second Son Level Up Guide

In Infamous Second Son, a new famous hero called Delsin Rowe is born, after he learns he is a conduit and is able to absorb powers from other bio-terrorists or superhero humans and then add to his own superpowers. To level up his powers, Delsin Rowe must absorb shards and then power up. This will guide Delsin Rowe on how to level up his powers, and become the most devastating conduit in the history of mankind.

Infamous Second Son Level Up Smoke Powers

There are two main categories to Delsin Rowe’s powers –

  • the Smoke category
  • the Melee chain fire smoke category

The smoke category consists of a number of branches, which may be locked at the beginning of the game. As Delsin progresses through the game, he will unlock more and more of the smoke powers and become the incendiary hero or villain of the game, depending on whether he has taken the evil karma path or the good karma path. The first good and evil path was determined at the beginning of the game. From then on, good actions will result in more good karma points being added, and bad actions will result in evil karma points being added.

To unlock more branches of the powers,

  • Delsin needs shards. Note that each ability or power may require more than 1 shard to unlock. In addition,
  • Delsin needs to have achieved enough points to become a hero on the good pathway. Or a supervillain in the evil pathway. The evil pathway progresses from thug to criminal and all the way up to super villain status.

Delsin’s smoke powers consist of –

Smoke Shot, which is further branched out into Cinder Blast and later for the evil path – Obliterating Blast at Karma level 3. For the good guys, this is divided into the sulphur headshots (good karma level 3) and the knockout headshots.
Cinder Blast allows Delsin to fire off a heavy blast of smoke and embers. This attack drains Delsin’s smoke energy rapidly. Obliterating blasts will literally incinerate enemies. The goodly Delsin will use Sulphur headshots to make enemies cough. Level up some more to earn the Knockout headshots, which will subdue enemies immediately.

  • Smoke Dash. This superhuman ability is gained at the beginning of the game, and allows Delsin to get into vents or go past fences and obstacles like they are nothing.
    Later, smoke dash branches out into Car Boost, in which Delsin absorbs the exhaust of the car, and launches himself into the air.
  • Vent dash allows Delsin to get into vents. The good Delsin will eventually use this ability to heal himself, whilst the evil Delsin will use Enhanced Vent Launch to get higher up into the air after emerging from the vents. There is also the double air dash.
  • Drain Smoke. Drain smoke is an essential ability of Delsin, because it allows him to recharge his smoke energy capacity. There are five levels to this ability, with more abilities increasing his smoke energy capacity some more. Later, this ability extends to Quick Drain, which allows Delsin to drain for half the time.

As Delsin gets more shards and upgrades his abilities, his powers become more and more. He literally becomes a nuclear missile like. These smoke abilities include –

  • Orbital Drop – where Delsin uses a full Karma streak meter, launches himself into the air, and then comes back down in an explosion of smoke power.
  • Cinder Missile – this is Delsin’s version of fireball spell, where he fires off an explosive ball of smoke and embers.
  • Sulphur Bomb – where Delsin throws a sulphur bomb into the ranks of the enemies, making them cough. These enemies can then be subdued to earn karma. This appears to be the specialty of the good Delsin, and may be divided into the Giant Sulphur Bomb ability and the Corrosive Fumes.

Infamous Second Son Melee Powers

And then Delsin tries to level up his melee powers. Delsin arms himself with a metal chain, which he infuses with his smoke and heat energy and lashes like a whip. Somewhat like Ghost rider. This ability is unlocked at the beginning of the game.

Delsin melee powers will be further diversified and intensified as he collects more shards and levels up –

  • Execute – this evil ability allows Delsin to defeat an enemy earning evil karma. As he progresses up the evil karma scale, he unlocks the energy drain ability.
  • Dash Strike – this allows Delsin to dash forward and then attack the enemy in a melee fashion using a sweeping move. This ability later branches into dash subdue (good ability) and dash slam (evil ability).
  • Karmic Healing – this good ability allows Delsin to heal up. This will only happen when Delsin subdues a surrendering enemy or a coughing enemy.
  • Comet Drop – Delsin jumps into the air, and then slams dunk into the ground, creating a shockwave. The higher the drop, the larger the shockwave. The evil karma pathway then allows Delsin to drop directly into the enemies, obliterating them. Do not annoy Delsin when he is in this state.

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