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Final Fantasy 15 Walkthrough Game Guide

Final Fantasy XV Walkthrough Game Guide

It’s finally upon us. The final fantasy 15 walkthrough game guide will help you navigate the initial part of the game, and from there to the more complicated part of the game.

  • Noctis (Prince, protaganist of game), Ignis (Chaffeur, cool head of game), Prompto (Photographer, comedian and comic relief of game) and Gladiolus (Bodyguard, Muscleman of Prince entourage) head from Insomnia to marry Noctis’s betrothed. It’s like a fairy tale. It is actually just a walkthrough and tutorial how how to play final fantasy XV.

  • Then it’s best to learn a few tricks about how to level up, and the level up, or ascension skills tree.

Pretty soon, Noctis has to pick up his first quest. But what a smoking hot girl!!! She does need to work on her accent. But anyhow, no complaints!

Next, the following crucial walkthrough game guide information –

  • How to Defeat the First Boss the Game
  • How to Warp Strike – apparently on PS4, you press the R1 button and triangle at the same time.
  • How to Warp Rest – point towards the Warp Rest point, and press the R1 button and triangle at the same time, and rest there for HP (health points) and MP (magic points) to restore
  • How to Fast Travel
  1. Rest at the Motel. Then everything you can just fast travel back to the motel / trailer at Hammerhead Outpost.
  2. Ignis drives the car during the daytime, and gets to a parking point. Once you reach the parking point for the first time, you can fast travel there again.
  • How to Upgrade Weapons – you need to get the draining spear at the start of Chapter 2 when the Magnitek army conquers Insomnia. Then approach the old man Pak Pak at the Hammerhead Outpost.
    • Final Fantasy 15 Find Scrap Metal to Upgrade Drain Javelin – Noctis has to get to the Galdin Quay. It is along the pier and also at the pot of plant near the bar in the restaurant.

    • Final Fantasy XV Find Rusted Bit – go to the second royal tomb Keycatrich Trench Dungeon¬†and explore walk through the tomb and find the rusted coin. Use the rusted bit to upgrade the engine blade.

  • Final Fantasy XV Defeat the Second Boss of the Game – the Arachnid Spider
  • Final Fantasy XV How to Level Up Noctis – it’s best to level up Noctis warp strike damage first and then 99 AP to increase the health points of the team with each level up. When the team has enough health points and potions, it cannot be defeated.
  • Final Fantasy XV How to Get Magic Spells
    1. Go to magic or spell absorption points. Absorb the magic points.
    2. Go to elemancy on the tab on PS4, and then use empty magic flasks to create the magic and spells of your needs.
    3. Set on the weapons tab button.
    4. Be careful as you have limited number of spells for each type of spell you create.
    5. Unleash you MAGIC SPELLS!