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Dragon Age 2 Legacy Choosing Between Janeka and Larius – the Crazy Old Warden Commander

In Dragon Age 2 Legacy, the game takes a twist after breaking the third seal, with Hawke and party meeting up with Lazius – the crazy old warden commander and Jeneka – the new female warden commander. The choice here will result in the party arriving at different levels of the Corypheus prison, so choose wisely. It also means that one can do two levels in the same game, which is pretty cool.

Jeneka will explain that blood magic and hence the Blood of Hawke is needed to free Corypheus and then bind him to be used by the wardens, in an effort to understand the Darkspawn and eliminate the Blight completely.

Obviously Lazius will differ in this opinion, saying that such a darkspawn as Corypheus is almost impossible to control, and will lead to humanity’s downfall. These are words from a darkspawn tainted commander warden, so choose carefully what you want to do.

Or just save the game before reaching these two characters, and then play out the two scenarios. The two characters will join Hawke’s party as a NPC after this point. Pretty cool!

The Janeka path will continue here.

This will continue the Larius path.