SWTOR Become a Dark Jedi

In SWTOR, if the hero is a jedi knight or a jedi consular, then by taking on dark side points, the “hero” can become a dark jedi. This allows the hero to achieve the Dark I and above ability and the ability to wield weapons normally reserved for warriors of the dark side of the force.

Before and after the events of SWTOR, there have been many many examples of Jedi becoming a Dark Jedi and then being converted into a Sith eventually. Here are a few notable examples –

    • The great Revan who was a jedi and became a sith and then became a jedi or sith again (depending on how you played KOTOR)
    • Bastila Shan who converted Revan and then was swayed by the dark side of the force
    • Is there a path to become a Dark Jedi in the new game Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order.


All you got to do is to get to Dathomir.

SWTOR Become a Dark Jedi for the Jedi Consular

In SWTOR Tython, the following quests and dialogue options will start the jedi’s journey to become a dark jedi.

  • threatening the Twi’lek at the Festival of Awakening at the village
  • showing no mercy to Nalen Raloch and his followers from the village
  • covering up the passion for the jedi love birds in Tython

In SWTOR Coruscant,  the following quests and dialogue options will allow one to be influenced by the dark side of the force and become a dark jedi. By the time Coruscant is reached, the jedi is on his way to become a dark jedi by achieving Dark 1. Dark 1 allows the dark jedi shadow to wield the primal follower double bladed lightsaber obtained from defeating Lars Baddeg.

  • destroy holo recordings for senator vanara kayl
  • edit the holorecrodings to make the justicar guilty in justicar injustice

As the SWTOR Dark Jedi journey continues, keep choosing the dark side choices and the dark jedi will continue to advance in the dark side, allowing him to wield better and darker weapons.

SWTOR Shadow of Revan Level 55 and Above Gameplay