Supergirl Arrives, Along with More DC Comics Heroes

The Supergirl trailer finally arrives, and with it the rest of the DC comics heroes. Here’s some notable quotes from the trailers and shows – Supergirl and DC Legends of Tomorrow.

    • ” Shouldn’t she be called Super Woman?”
    • “Where’s my cape?”
    • “I can do car chase”
    • “Capes aid with herodynamics”
    • “It’s not an S, it’s my family code of arms – the House of El”
  • You call this a team?
  • A deceased assassin (resurrected with the Pits of Lazarus)
White Canary and the Atom. Source – the CW.


  • His name is Vandal Savage
  • And what makes you think we can stop him?
  • “Because there is Doctor Who and his companions. Oh I’m so sorry, that’s the wrong line….”
  • Is that the worse Savage can throw at us?
  • In the future, none of you are heroes – You’re legends!

  • “So you weren’t dead. You were just small.”