Star Wars the Last Jedi Trailer

The Star Wars the Last Jedi (Star Wars VIII) teaser trailer is here. In the Star Wars the Last Jedi trailer, Rey is asked by Luke Skywalker to breath.

” Breath, just breathe. Now … reach out. What do you see?”

Presumably, from the expression on Rey’s face, we surmise she has seen something really worrying, perhaps the final enactment of the balance between the Light side and the Dark side of the force.

Rey’s Force Training

Rey appears to be in the same Jedi costume, as at the ending of the Force Awakens. This time, however, she is wielding and presumably practicing with a light saber. The island of the Jedi training is Ahch-To. Is Ahch-To, in fact, the site of the First Jedi Temple, where the Jedi Order was built from millennium ago? Thus, spreading the thing about the one truth about the force.

As Luke says, “I only know one truth” Does this mean that Luke Skywalker has become a gray Jedi?

Resistance in Action

The Resistance is depicted in the teaser trailer, with the other characters Finn and Poe. Poe is back with his only and everyone’s favorite BB-8 (well, before that other droid in the Rogue One movie came out) trying to escape after the resistance D-Qar base is attacked by the First Order. Further in the trailer, one sees

  • the planet of Crait – the AT-4Xs (upgraded versions of the AT-ATs) are deployed to annihilate some speeders with lots of red dust in the background

General Leia is on a Resistance ship. The A wings are deployed in space and what looks like another classic Star Wars fight.

  • The Millenium Falcon is flying again. Who is piloting the Falcon? Rey and Chewie, or just Chewie or someone else?

Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren is seen with his infamous Sith lightsaber. His mask lies on the ground, almost completely destroyed, and his face is unmasked. Does this mean he has a new mask, or that he will not be wearing one again? Is this the scene from when he and his knights of Ren attacked the Jedi Temple that Luke rebuilt.

  • Also just about glimpse the part with what one may hope to be Captain Phasma back leading the First Order attack on the Resistance.

Many questions, but one hangs on the words of Luke in the trailer –

” it’s time for the Jedi to end “.

Star Wars VIII – The Last Jedi Trailer