Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 Walkthrough Game Guide

In Sniper Ghost Warrior 3, the hero starts with trying to show his brother Robert how to be a sniper ghost warrior. John North needs to do the following –

  • get to the other side by jumping and then navigating through the ledge
  • stealth crouch
  • take down the tree
  • defeat the wolves
  • then take down the enemy from above
  • use support stance to snipe enemies
  • then infiltrate the facility and use CCTV to tag targets

With that tutorial aside, the main mission starts. John North gets the Grave Diggers quest, where he must infiltrate the church and defeat the enemies.

  • The main target is actually inside the church. It would be hard to use the drone to locate the target.

  • After this, Lydia, John North’s previous love and no doubt target of current romance, will appear in John’s safehouse in the mining town.

Next mission – infiltrate the block in the block out mission.

  • The optional part of the block out mission is to get the drone.

Unlock the region 2 side missions – Burning Bridges.

Fast foward to Act 3 final parts and Act 4.