Skyrim Start Dragonborn Quest

Skyrim Start Dragonborn Quest

In Skyrim, the hero can start the Dragonborn DLC quest by going to Whiterun. At Whiterun, a series of events will happen so that the hero can begin the Dragonborn quest and head to Solstheim. This will guide the hero on how to start the Dragonborn dlc quest by going to Whiterun and will end with the hero travelling to Raven Rock, Solstheim to track down Miraak.

Skyrim the Miraak Cultists Appear

When the hero enters the main gate at Whiterun, something is immediately amiss. There are two people wearing cultist masks who are walking towards the hero. They definitely look out of place in the Whiterun crowd. The cultists will ask the hero if he is “the Dragonborn”. This particular hero replies that he is indeed “the Dragonborn”. The cultists disagree, saying that the hero is “the false Dragonborn”. They attack. However, it is quite obvious that the cultists are not skilled in the art of tactical or stealth combat, for they have attacked the savior of Whiterun openly. The hero will attack, together with his companion (in this case, Serena from the Dawnguard DLC and the Whiterun guards.

The cultists throw nasty balls of fire, which is really bad news for the vampire lord hero. However, one can dodge the fireballs and then attack the cultists with his favorite weapons and shield (in this case, the dagger of fear – this causes the cultist to run away, and the Aetherial Shield, causes enemies to become ethereal when they are bashed with it). The cultists cannot withstand the might of the hero and the overwhelming odds of Serena and the guards and are defeated.

Skyrim Go to Windhelm and Board the Northern Maiden

The hero will pick up a note from one of bodies of the fallen cultists and note that he must travel to Windhelm and board the Northern Maiden and head to Solstheim to investigate this mysterious Miraak and the “kill order” on the hero. So go to Windhelm stables.

The hero does not need to enter Windhelm. All he needs to do is to travel to Windhelm stables and then turn left (when facing away from Windhelm). This will take the hero to a river outside Windhelm, and the Northern Maiden ship will be clearly marked by the quest marker. The hero needs to board the ship and speak to the ship captain, Gjalund Salt-Sage.

Skyrim Go to Raven Rock at Solstheim and Investigate the Shrine

The hero will discover that Gjalund Salt-Sage has a strange case of amnesia on speaking to him. Salt-Sage realizes that he has brought some dangerous men to Skyrim, but he cannot remember why he brought those men across. In fact, he can’t even remember how he came across from Solstheim. Salt-Sage does know that he has absolutely no intentions of going back to Solstheim. The hero has a variety of options to “encourage” the captain to go back to Solstheim. The hero can bribe Salt-Sage or he can persuade him. This particular hero succeeds in intimidating Salt-Sage.

Salt-Sage and the hero depart for Solstheim and arrive at the port of Raven Rock. Here the hero can speak to Adril Arano to get some basic understanding of Raven Rock and Solstheim and some general news of Morrowind. On further questioning of Adril Arano, the hero realizes that he also has a strange case of amnesia when it comes to talking about Miraak. However, Arano does advise the hero to investigate the shrine.

Head in the direction of the temple at Raven Rock and then turn left and turn left again, following the coastline until the hero reaches the Earth Stone and the shrine (note that the hero may need to fight off a random dragon at Raven Rock first). The hero can touch the Earth Stone and become acquainted with the voice of Miraak. He will become a mindless slave working hard chipping away at the Earth Stone. Step away and speak to a dark elf named Neloth. Surprisingly he actually remembers a bit about Miraak.

Neloth advises the hero to go to the temple of Miraak.