Skyrim Skuldafn Temple Puzzles

In Skyrim, the hero must enter Skuldafn Temple and solve the skuldafn temple puzzles to exit from skuldafn temple onto the other side. This will guide the hero in solving the skuldafn temple puzzles and in defeating the draugrs within skuldafn temple to reach the skuldafn temple exit and find the portal.

Skyrim Skuldafn Temple First Puzzle Solution
In Skyrim, the route from Skuldafn Temple to the first skuldafn temple puzzle is littered with draugrs. Luckily, most of them are the restless draugrs rather than draugr wights. These restless draugrs are easily defeated using dual destruction spells of chain lightning and fireball, or just use the hero’s favorite fighting style.

In Skyrim Skuldafn Temple, the first temple puzzle is solved by aligning the three stone pillars correctly so that the left and right gates will open. When facing the left and right gates, the stones should have the following symbols on them (from left to right facing the gates)

  •     left gate – fish, snake, snake
  •     right gate – fish, eagle, snake

And then activate the lever for each gate.


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In Skyrim, the route to the skuldafn second temple goes through some skeletons and draugrs. Eventually, the hero reaches the second skuldafn temple puzzle. When facing the gate, the symbols on the stone pillar should be (left to right) – fish, snake, eagle.

Then activate the lever to open the gate.

Skyrim Skuldafn Temple Second Puzzle

Skyrim Skuldafn Diamond Claw Puzzle and Draugr Overlord

In Skyrim, the hero passes through the second skuldafn temple puzzle gate and troughs through (yeah, you guess it) more draugrs. There is a ramp that goes up to a landing with a room with a draugr archer inside shooting at the hero. Defeat this draugr archer inside the room and push a lever inside the room to activate the gate. Head on towards the exit of the skuldafn temple.

In Skyrim, the exit to the skuldafn temple is blocked by a draugr overlord and the diamond claw puzzle he holds. To defeat the draugr overlord, simply arm the hero with the most powerful melee weapons, and then sneak up to the draugr overlord and attack him. On a good day, the draugr overlord will be taken down by one power sneak attack move. Now grab the diamond claw from the draugr overlord and study it in the inventory section of the hero. Look at the exit, and one will see the three rings which the hero must move to match the three symbols on the diamond claw. The three symbols from outside to inside are – fox, moth, dragon. Align the three symbols as such and put the diamond claw into the slots.

The exit to Skuldafn temple opens, and the hero must face more draugrs and then the dragon priest to complete the Skuldafn quest.


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