Skyrim Retrieve Horn of Jurgen Windcaller

Skyrim Retrieve Horn of Jurgen Windcaller

In Skyrim, the hero is asked to retrieve the horn of Jurgen Windcaller. To get the horn of jurgen windcaller, the hero must travel to Ustengrav – a burial grounds (northwest of Whiterun) and transverse the dangers and iron gates puzzle within to retrieve the horn of Jurgen Windcaller. This will guide the hero in traveling from Whiterun to Morthal and from Morthal to Ustengrav, and finally entering Ustengrav and the depths to find and retrieve the horn of Jurgen Windcaller.

Skyrim Whiterun to Morthal

In Skyrim, the hero should return to Whiterun from the home of the Greybeards, and then start from Whiterun to obtain the horn of Jurgen Windcaller. From Whiterun, there may be several paths to reach Morthal. The conservative hero may try to find an official road from Whiterun to Morthal. The more adventurous hero may want to look at the map (press M on PC) and just travel west from Whiterun and follow the borders of the mountains to the north. This will take the hero around the western borders of the mountains, and then follow the River Hjaal (see the map in the collectors’ edition) to Morthal.

In Skyrim, the monsters encountered from Whiterun to Morthal can be easily dealt with, especially if the hero brings Lydia along. Monsters encountered include wolves and bandits. The hardest monster along this more adventurous path is the bear somewhere outside of Morthal. If the hero wants to avoid this bear, just swim to the other side of the river and continue towards Morthal.

Skyrim Retrieving Horn of Jurgen Windcaller

Skyrim Morthal to Ustengrav

In Skyrim, once the hero reaches Morthal, it’s time to rest and stock up on healing potions and other essentials before heading off to Ustengrav to retrieve the horn of Jurgen Windcaller. Rest is especially important if the hero has contracted vampirism and can only travel without penalties at night. Now from Morthal, look at the map and travel roughly northeast and the hero should be able to find and get to Ustengrav very easily.

The grounds outside Ustengrav appears to have been taken over by a necromancer and his human minions. Eliminate these enemies and then search the necromancer for a necromancer robe (magicka regenerates 75% faster). Now enter Ustengrav.

Skyrim Upper Levels of Ustengrav

In skyrim, the upper levels of Ustengrav is filled with mages and humans. When the hero first enters Ustengrav, go into sneak mode and hide behind a fence to spot some mages talking to one another and then running off when they hear some noises. Do not disturb the mages at this point, because they will end up engaging in a battle with some draugrs and this will reduce the health and number of mages the hero has to face. When the mages leave, there is a bandit left in this chamber. Sneak up and sneak attack the bandit and watch him turn into ash. Now head into the next chamber and take on the mages after they finish attacking the draugrs. With Lydia by the hero’s side, it’s quite easy to defeat the mages. Move further into the upper levels of Ustengrav and eliminate the remaining draugrs. Search the upper levels of Ustengrav thoroughly as it contains lots of treasures. Now move on into Ustengrav Depths.

Skyrim Ustengrav Depths Iron Gates Puzzle

In Skyrim, the lower levels of Ustengrav is filled with skeletons. These are really quite easy to defeat with destructive fire magic. The hero will reach a huge cavern with a bridge that leads to the Ustengrav Depths iron gates puzzle. Do not cross the bridge just yet. Destroy all the skeletons in the huge cavern and search the area for treasures. Now descend into the caverns depths and find the Dragon Shout Word of Power – Become Ethereal, Fade on a wall at the bottom.

Once all the treasures in the Ustengrav cavern are found, it’s time to cross the bridge and tackle the ustengrav depths grates puzzle. Now what the hero must do is to move in a straight line between the stones towards the iron gates. When the hero reaches the last stone, activate the Shout ability Whirlwind, and the hero will dash past the opened gates and into the next chamber.

The next chamber in the Ustengrav Depths consists of fire traps. Just run past all these fire traps as fast as possible. The hero should be able to reach the end of the chamber without getting much damage. Eliminate more draugrs near the end of Skyrim Ustengrav Depths level, and then enter the final chamber which should contain the horn of Jurgen Windcaller.

Unfortunately, the hero fails to retrieve the horn of Jurgen Windcaller, because it is gone. The horn of Jurgen Windcaller has been taken by someone else. What the hero is left with is a mysterious note telling the hero to rent the attic room at the inn in Riverwood to continue the search for the horn of Jurgen Windcaller.

Skyrim Finally Retrieving Horn of Jurgen Windcaller

In Skyrim, the hero must continue his search for the horn of jurgen windcaller in Riverwood. Exit from Ustengrav and fast travel to Riverwood. Look for the inn in Riverwood and head inside. Now look for the female innkeeper and ask her for the room in the attic (need at least 10 gold). She will reply that there is no attic room in Riverwood, but the hero can use the room on the left instead. Now head into that room, and meet the female innkeeper! She gives the horn of Jurgen Windcaller to the hero, and then leads the hero through a secret chamber and explains some of the secrets of the dragons returning to Skyrim.