Skyrim Get to High Hrothgar

Skyrim Get to High Hrothgar

In Skyrim, the hero must get to High Hrothgar in order to speak to the Greybeards and learn the Way of the Voice from the Greybeards. This will guide the hero in getting to High Hrothgar and provide some hints and tips on defeating the more difficult monsters along the way to High Hrothgar.

Skyrim Getting from Whiterun to Ivarstead

In Skyrim, the hero must get from Whiterun (after defeating the first dragon) to Ivarstead. The route to High Hrothgar goes through Ivarstead. The route from Whiterun to Ivarstead is a long and windy route. This long and windy path can be even longer if the hero has turned into a vampire, as there are penalties for travel during the day. The good thing is there are lots of signs along the way to Ivarstead so that the hero will not get lost. From Whiterun, turn east and head down the path and follow the signs all the way to Ivarstead.

In Skyrim, the route from Whiterun to Ivarstead is littered with black wolves. These wolves are easy to defeat. Also along the way from Whiterun to Ivarstead are bandits who will demand a toll fee from the hero for using the road. Refuse and a battle will start between the hero and the bandits. The most deadly of the monsters along the path from Whiterun to Ivarstead are the sabretooth tigers which will pounce and attack the hero from behind the bushes along the path. This sabretooth tiger is difficult to defeat at low levels, and it may be wise to bring the servant companion Lydia from Whiterun in this mission. Let Lydia either tank this fight and shoot firebolts from behind, or tank the fight yourself and let Lydia shoot arrows from behind.

Skyrim Getting from Ivarstead to High Hrothgar

In Skyrim, the route from Ivarstead to High Hrothgar starts along a path on the eastern side of the town. Follow some snowy steps up the mountain from Ivarstead and continue all the way to High Hrothgar.

Along the way, the hero will encounter some Way of the Voice pilgrims. These are peaceful people. What are not peaceful are the ice wolf and the fearsome frost troll along the way. With Lydia by the hero’s side, the fight with the ice wolf should not be too hard. The fight with the frost troll is quite difficult.

Skyrim Defeating the Frost Troll

In Skyrim, defeating the frost troll will clear the path from Ivarstead to High Hrothgar. The frost troll is almost impossible to defeat at low levels. The frost troll has large resistances to damage and can also regenerate. This makes the hit and run tactics impossible to deploy. Once the hero runs away, the frost troll will regenerate to full health, and it’s back to square one again for the hero. The tactics to defeat the frost troll include using lots of fire spells like firebolt and flame. Use any scrolls of fireball the hero may have picked up along the way, and remember to have lots and lots of healing potions. One of the better tactics to defeat the frost troll may include using the hero to “tank” the party, and then moving from side to side so that the frost troll cannot hit the hero. Use healing potions to heal up, and let Lydia shoot arrows from behind. In this way, the arrows will damage the troll, and the hero can distract the troll. When the troll’s health points is almost zero, use fire attacks to finish off and defeat the frost troll.

If the hero is in a hurry to get to High Hrothgar, or the frost troll is too tough, just run past the frost troll. Lydia may end up being killed by the frost troll using this tactic, and it may be wise to tell Lydia not to follow the hero up to High Hrothgar.

Skyrim Reaching High Hrothgar

In Skyrim, after the hero gets past the frost troll, follow the snowy path and the hero will reach High Hrothgar. Now head into High Hrothgar and meet the Greybeards, the teachers of the Way of the Voice. Here the hero will learn how to Shout and utilize the Powers of the Dragonborn. The Shout techniques learnt here include the second stage of the Unrelenting Force technique, and also the Whirlwind Sprint technqiue. Following these lessons from the masters of the Way of the Voice, the hero is tasked to retrieve the horn of Jurgen Windcaller.

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