Skyrim Get A House in Solstheim

In Skyrim, the served cold quest will allow the hero to get a house in Solstheim. This house is needed because the hero will likely accumulate lots of loot in Solstheim. It is possible to go back to Skyrim to store these items but it is a long way back to Skyrim (loading time too long). Therefore the hero needs a house to stash his stuff in Solstheim. This will guide the hero on how to complete the served cold quest and get the Severin Manor as a home / base in Solstheim.


Talk to the Second Councilor to Start Served Cold Quest

To start the served cold quest, speak to second councilor Adril Arano. He will disclose a conspiracy about someone trying to assassinate (first) councilor Morvayn of Raven Rock. He wants the hero to investigate these secret dealings against the first councilor. The hero should do the following once the served cold quest is started.

  • speak to Geldis Sadri at the Retching Netch and learn that the would be conspirators may be visiting Ulen Ancestral Tomb.
  • go to the Ulen Ancestral Tomb at night and sneak wait there. Observe one of the Severins pay respect at the Tomb. Sneak out and speak to Adril Arano.
  • Adril Arano will want more evidence before accusing the Severins of treason. He wants the hero to sneak into the Severin Manor and get evidence.
  • in the Severin Manor, go downstairs and go into the main bedroom chamber and find a safe. Pick its lock and then get the evidence. The safe is somewhere to the left of the bed near the shelf.
  • go back to Arano and report your findings. He will then launch an attack against the Severins at their assassin headquarters in Ashfallow Citadel and wants the hero to lead the attack.


Defeat the Severins at Ashfallow Citadel

The next stage of the quest is essentially a dungeon crawl. Enter the Ashfallow Citadel and fight your way through the throngs of Morag Tong assassins to the Severins. Unlock the gates leading to the final chamber by pulling a series of chains. Eventually, the hero will reach the final chamber and defeat the Severins and Vendil Ulen.

With the demise of the Severins and the assassination plot, return to the second councilor and report your success. He will bring you to the first councilor and the Councilor Morvayn will grant the hero the Severin Manor.

Congratulations! The hero now has a house / base in Solstheim, complete with all the smithing and alchemy crafting necessities.


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