Skyrim Find Red Eagle Sword

Skyrim Find Red Eagle Sword

In Skyrim, the hero comes across a book on the legend of Red Eagle. This opens up the Red Eagle Sword quest, where the hero must find the red eagle sword. This will guide the hero in traveling to Karthspire Camp and northwards to Red Eagle Redoubt and then into Red Eagle Ascend to find the red eagle sword. The hero also needs to uncover the secrets of Red Eagle Tomb to transform the red eagle sword into Red Eagle’s Bane.

Skyrim Get to Red Eagle Redoubt and Red Eagle Ascend

In Skyrim Red Eagle’s Sword quest, the hero needs to travel

Skyrim Red Eagle Sword

to Karthspireand move north to Karthspire Camp. It is entirely possible to defeat all the Forsworn in Karthspire Camp alone or with the help of Odahviing. However, it may be faster to find the red eagle’s sword by just running north away from Karthspire Camp, and finding a path that will get the hero north into Red Eagle Redoubt.

In Skyrim, the Red Eagle Redoubt is a series of stairs that will lead the hero to the entrance of Red Eagle Ascend. Naturally, the Red Eagle Redoubt is a camp filled with Forsworn. Whenever there are Forsworn, there must be at least one Hagraven, and this proves to be the case here again. The hero takes Red Eagle Redoubt with sneak and sneak attacks using the glass dagger or the newly acquired Mehrunes’ Razor. With X15 sneak attack damage and these two types of daggers, most Forsworn (except perhaps the Forsworn Briarheart and the Hagraven) can be taken out with one single hit. Using this tactics, proceed up the stairs of Red Eagle Redoubt, eliminate all Forsworn and the Hagraven and enter Red Eagle Ascend.

In Skyrim Red Eagle Ascend, use the same tactics to defeat the Forsworn, and re-emerge on the other side of Red Eagle Redoubt. Ascend more stairs and eventually come face to face, or rather back to face (since the hero is sneak attacking all the way) with the Forsworn Briarheart. Now eliminate him and take the Red Eagle’s Sword or Red Eagle’s Fury from his inventory. Also loot the Red Eagle Tower Key and use it to open the iron doors leading into the Red Eagle Tower or Sundered Towers.

Skyrim Uncover Secrets of Red Eagle Tomb

In Skyrim, the final part of the search for red eagle’s sword leads the hero first to Red Eagle Tower. Ascend the stairs and look for a chain near a small drawbridge that has been raised. Pull the chain to lower the drawbridge and walk across the drawbridge to the other side. Jump down on the right side of the drawbridge and walk (right) towards a stone structure. This structure is Rebel’s Cairn (also Red Eagle’s Tomb). Enter Rebel’s Cairn and descend all the way down to an apparent dead end. This apparent dead end is fronted by a pedestal with a slot that is begging for the hero to put Red Eagle’s Sword into it. Put the Red Eagle’s Sword into the pedestal slot, and a wall will move in front of the hero. Go through the opening into a large burial chamber and prepare for the battle to defeat Red Eagle.

Skyrim Defeating Red Eagle

In Skyrim Rebels’ Cairn, Red Eagle climbs out of his tomb and begins looking for the hero. If the hero goes into sneak mode and hides behind one of the pillars in this Red Eagle burial chamber, then Red Eagle cannot see the hero. Now take out the three skeletons surrounding Red Eagle first – these are quite easy.

Each time after dispatching each skeleton, go back into hiding just before the main fight with Red Eagle. If the hero has a high enough sneak level, then Red Eagle will stop searching for the hero. Now prepare the completed dragon shout fire breath and sneak up to Red Eagle. Sneak attack Red Eagle, and follow this up with the dragon shout fire breath. Red Eagle’s health will be severely depleted. Red Eagle may use Unrelenting Force Dragon Shout to repel the hero away from him. This is actually a good thing. When the hero climbs up from the ground some distance away from Red Eagle (after being attacked by Red Eagle’s Unrelenting Force Shout), go into sneak mode and Red Eagle will lose track of the hero again. And then just sneak attack Red Eagle one more time, and follow this up with the fire breath dragon shout, and Red Eagle will be defeated.

It is best to avoid the melee attacks of Red Eagle, as he has a nasty two handed ancient fire sword which can cut down the hero in one or two strikes. Once Red Eagle is defeated, the hero can climb the fire sword for himself. Remember to loot the chest in the Red Eagle burial chamber, as it contains (for this hero anyway) the Glass Boots of Muffling, which allows the hero to have a high armor and sneak around quietly. In addition, go back to where the hero left the Red Eagle’s Sword in the pedestal slot, and pick up the sword. The Red Eagle’s Sword has been transformed into the Red Eagle’s Bane. The hero has found Red Eagle’s Sword, now transformed into the more powerful Red Eagle’s Bane.