Skyrim Dragonborn Defeat Miraak

Skyrim Dragonborn Defeat Miraak

In Skyrim Dragonborn dlc, the hero finally arrives at the real temple of Miraak in Apocrypha to take on Miraak and defeat him for the final time. However, the first dragonborn Miraak has not lived for centuries without picking up some tricks in achieving near immortality. Miraak is really hard to defeat because it would appear that he has countless lives. This will guide the hero on how to use tactics to defeat the many lives of Mirak and still have enough health and firepower left at the end of the fight to finish off Miraak once and for all.

Skyrim Dragonborn Start the Fight Against Miraak

Descend from Miraak’s dragon and prepare to take on Miraak. One of the most notorious mistakes made by villains is to talk forever as they face their impending demise. So capitalize on this mistake by Miraak and attack him straight away as he begins talking. For the archer vampire lord hero, go into sneak mode and launch arrow attacks at him. This will weaken Miraak and take some points off his health in his first lifeline.

Miraak has many abilities –

  • fireball attacks – this is devastating against the vampire lord hero.
  • tentacle attacks – tentacles erupt from the ground and engulf the hero.
  • becoming ethereal – attacks fail against Miraak.

The key to defeating Miraak is to dodge his attacks, particularly the fireball attacks. There are stacks of books and other assorted covers to hide from the fireballs. From behind the covers, launch ranged attacks at Miraak. The hero may find that lowering the health of Miraak for the first time is easy. However, when Miraak’s health reaches a low point, he will use the become ethereal ability and become ethereal. The hero will find that his attacks will no longer damage Miraak. The ethereal Miraak will go to the center of the battlegrounds and call upon a dragon. Then he will forcefully absorb the soul of the dragon and heal up again.

And the fight against Miraak continues.

Skyrim Vampire Lord Against First Dragonborn Miraak

To counter Miraak’s ability to heal up each time his health goes low, the hero needs to use a form that will regenerate health over time in battle. That would be the vampire lord.

So go into vampire lord form and summon a gargoyle as a tank. Use the gargoyle to absorb Miraak’s fireball attacks. From the flanks, keep attacking Miraak with the life drain attack. Whatever the vampire lord drains will be returned as health for the hero and his health will regenerate.

Eventually, Miraak’s health will be lowered to the point where he will summon the second dragon and absorb its soul. Repeat the same techniques above. Keep lowering Miraak’s health until he summons and absorbs his dragon’s soul. This will be the final time that Miraak can regenerate his health. So summon the last series of gargoyles and then finish off Miraak.