Skyrim Blackreach Guide

Skyrim Blackreach Guide

In Skyrim, the hero must reach the entrance of Blackreach, enter Blackreach and then get to the Elder Scroll. This will guide the hero in finding the entrance of Blackreach, navigating Blackreach to find and reach the Elder Scroll and get the Elder Scroll easily.

Skyrim Blackreach Entrance Important Areas

In Skyrim, the hero can find the entrance to Blackreach by entering the Alftand Glacial Ruins and then the Alftand Animonculory. There are several important areas or locations near the Blackreach entrance once the hero enters Blackreach.

In Skyrim Blackreach, the hero will be on an elevated platform once he enters Blackreach. Directly ahead of the hero is a crossbow with a lever next to it. Below the platform and straight ahead is a dwarven shield standing in front of Sinderion’s Field Laboratory. Activate the lever and the crossbow will fire off some arrows straight into the dwarven shield, destroying it.

Still facing Sinderion’s Field Laboratory, if the hero now faces left, he will see a structure with a face in the distance. By activating the button here on this structure, the hero can open the elevator at the great lift at Alftand and get back onto the surface of Skyrim.

From the crossbow, turn right and the hero will see some steps. Climb these to descend from the platform, and then head to Sinderion’s Field Laboratory. From here, turn left and find a path that leads down the slope beyond Sinderion’s Field Laboratory. Continue on this path to find the Tower of Mzark and find the Elder Scroll within the Tower of Mzark. If in doubt, activate the Elder Scroll quest and follow the compass.

Skyrim Blackreach Route to Tower of Mzark

In Skyrim Blackreach, the path or route to the Tower of Mzark as described above is fraught with dangers. Just past Sinderion’s Field Laboratory along the path and on the left, there is an elevated building where a Falmer will start shooting arrows at the hero. At about the same time, another Falmer and a Chaurus (giant centipede like creature) will attack the hero on the ground. Use the follower to hold off the Falmer and Chaurus, and launch rapid firebolts and fireballs or other equivalent ranged attacks at the Falmer on the building. Once this falmer is down, concentrate on the Falmer and Chaurus on the ground.

In Skyrim Blackreach, proceed down the route to the Tower of Mzark. On the right of the hero will be a dwarven centurion. Do not activate the lever and awaken the dwarven centurion, unless the hero is yearning a fight with this dwarven automation. Further down the path, the hero will encounter a Falmer and another two Chaurus. Defeat them, and then head down the path. The Tower of Mzark should be visible from this point on the upper right hand corner of the hero past the bridge. Now follow this path past the bridge straight to the entrance to the Tower of Mzark.

Skyrim Tower of Mzark Lexicon Receptacle Puzzle

In Skyrim, the hero enters the Tower of Mzark. The key here is to find the Lexicon Receptacle (the path is really straightforward) and activate it by putting the Lexicon Cube inside it. Now the hero must push the buttons in the right combination. The video below will illustrate this.

Skyrim Obtaining the Elder Scroll

In Skyrim Blackreach Tower of Mzark, once the hero solves the lexicon receptacle puzzle, the Elder Scroll will be revealed in the center of the structure. Go down and get the Elder Scroll and bring it to the Throat of the World to learn Dragonrend – Mortal, Finite and Temporary.

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