Scarlet Nexus Defeat First Boss An Other the Wither Sabbat

In Scarlet Nexus, the hero is a trained soldier who is able to use various skills. The Others arrive to consume the human world. The hero must use various combo skills techniques to defeat the boss Wither Sabbat.

Scarlet Nexus Xbox Controls Defeat First Boss

Kasane fights with the Knives and Psychokinesis powers. X will slightly charge the psychokinesis gauge. X to perform a weapon attack. Perform a forward step with B Step in a different direction with LS + B.

Lock onto an enemy with RS down (or R3). Change targets with Rb + direction key.

A + X for rising slash attack.

Use B whilst moving with direction key to dash.

Use Y for activate backstep attack, where Kasane makes a weapon attack whilst stepping back to a suitable distance. The psychokinesis gauge will recover.

When a X or Y attack lands, performing a psychokinesis attack by holding RT will result in a powerful psychokinesis follow up attack. It consumes a lot of the psychokinesis gauge, so restore by using X or Y attacks.

Use psychokinesis follow attacks by holding down RT while attacking with X or Y.

Enhancing Rush / Psychokinesis Follow Up Attacks.