Risen 3 Level Up Guide

In Risen 3, Risen returns in its third installation. Risen 2 was a happy go lucky piraty installation where the hero stumbled to a heroic cutthroat life of seafaring and adventure. Risen 3 is different. It is much darker, and the hero will arise as a antihero deprived of his soul. Somewhat similar to his situation, the mages of the work of Risen secluded to the island of Taranis. They are now outcasts in the Risen 3 world. The hero will have to travel to the island, hopefully to ally with the mages and learn the magic of crystal magic. Of course, there are two other guilds that the hero can ally himself – namely the voodoo magic practitioners of Kira and the Demon Hunters.

This will guide the hero on how to level the characters depending on which guild the hero wants to ally himself with.

In Risen 3, the level up of the character will depend on the guild. The guilds are –

— the mages guild, or the guardians on Taranis. These mages practice crystal magic. Here is how the hero can learn crystal magic.

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— the voodoo pirates on Kira. This school of magic uses decay and poisoning and will nicely complement a pirate who wants to melee, shoot with a pistol and then run away to allow the enemies to decay away.

— Finally there is the demon hunters.

The level up of the character really depends on how much magic, range weapons or melee weapons the hero wants to use. So if the hero wants to be a crystal mage, then raise the magic attribute. Seek out magic instructors and progress up the ladder of say battlemage, or spelldancer using gold and the right combination upgrades of attributes.