Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Level Up Weapon Upgrade Guide

In Resident Evil Revelations, the heroines Claire and Moira are kidnapped from their party and taken to an island where they must escape the facility and the resident evil within the facility. Claire and Moira are joined by Barry and Natalie later on, and the four of them have to level up through a common level up scheme.

Resident Evil Revelations Upgrade Weapons

The level up guide is as follows –

Note – you need to use BP to purchase each tier or level in each skill tree. The heroes can get BP at the end of each level or as a item during the adventures.

  • Crouch Power – increase firepower whilst crouching.  Each level increase the firepower by a certain percentage.
  • Hurler – increase the firepower of subweapons. Each level increases the firepower of the sub-weapons.
  • Quick Heal – reduce the time it takes to use a green herb. Remember you spray the green herb. Each level reduces the time even further by a certain percentage.


  • Dashing knife – gains the ability to attack with the knife whilst dashing.

  • Medical knowledge – increase the recovery effects of a green herb.

  • Crouch advantage – gain momentary invincibility during crouching

  • Charge attack – hold down button to charge physical attack

  • Evade – enemies attack miss more easily during evasion

  • Quick knife – increase knife speed

  • Rope-a-dope – withstand killing attacks

  • Evade extension – increase the distance covered during evasion

  • Hair splitter – increase knife attack speed and movement speed when attacking

  • Evade cancel – Cancel any action with evasion

  • Follow up – Claire and Barry are able to perform a follow up

  • Charged up – increase firepower for the first shot after changing weapons

  • Upholstered – Claire and Barry can use their weapons whilst being the inactive characters

  • Last stand – increase firepower when less than 10% of firepower remaining

  • Batter up – increase the power attack of Moira’s crowbar

  • Light is might – increase the incapacitating ability of Moira’s torchlight

  • Layering bricks – increase the power attack Moira’s brick attack and the ability to stun enemies

  • Brick finisher – Gain bp when delivering a follow up with the brick

  • Sixth sense – increase the aura of Natalie’s awareness

  • Speedy rescue – reduce the time it takes to save your partner from the danger state

  • Double play – increase power attack by 10%  for all attacks after switching characters

  • Ranged healing – partner characters can use healing items from greater distances

Resident Evil Revelations Upgrade Weapons

Initially, Claire and Moira are barefist. They only have their wits and must use their ingenuity to escape. Later, they will find some weapons. Some of these weapons are not upgradable, some of the weapons can be upgraded. This resident evil revelations weapons upgrade will attempt to explain how to upgrade the weapons, as the weapons become available.

1 The Shotgun

The shotgun is no doubt one of the favourite weapons in resident evil revelations. However, be aware that ammunition runs out really easily. To upgrade the shotgun means you have to upgrade the

  • firing rate
  • the damage
  • the ammunition capacity

To do this, first Claire must find a

  • weapons bench
  • weapon parts

2 The pistol

The pistol can be upgraded in the same way.

3. The knife

The knife cannot be upgraded.

4. The crowbar

Good for stunning enemies from the back, the crowbar cannot be upgraded.

5. The torch

Don’t even go there. Good for focus look to find parts and other goodies to upgrade weapons.