Prey Treasure Hunt Quest Find Treasure Map

In Prey, Morgan Yu can embark on a treasure hunt. Morgan will most likely pick up the first treasure map in the outside of Deep Storage area, where he will get the first treasure map – that belonging to West.

Later, Morgan will get to the Crew Quarters. In the Crew Quarters, get to the Emma Beatty treasure map in the fitness centre.

Next, in the Crew Quarters, go up to the recreation centre and then upstairs in the recreation centre to get the Elias Black treasure map.

  • The Danielle Sho treasure map is in her workstation at Deep Storage.

Whilst in the crew quarters, investigate Stabfellow’s treasure map, which is in the recycle room.

Go to Cargo Bay B area and investigate Rosalyn’s map.

Once you get to the Cargo Bay and then head for Life Support area, get to the water treatment facility and find the Hordinbaffle treasure hint.

Finally, get to the shuttle bay through GUTS. Investigate Melindra map. This will complete the picture.

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