Prey the Cook’s Request Mission

In Prey, the Cook appears to be a benevolent figure in the cafeteria, hiding from the telepath typhon. He asks Morgan Yu to help him in the fight against the telepath.

With the telepath typhon gone, the Cook asks Morgan to get the water regulator from the greenhouse.

With the regulator, the cook lets Morgan into the freezer.

However he traps Morgan in the freezer. It’s time to escape.

Then hunt the cook. He must pay.

However, Morgan Yu cannot get to the cook until after the station lockdown main mission has been done. That is a long mission. After that, look forward to showdown with the imposter cook claiming to be Will Mitchell.

Go back to Morgan Yu office and read Danielle Sho email. Then head to the Volunteers Quarter. It is all dark. Is the cook at the Volunteers Quarter?