Prey Find Chipsets Weapons Fabrication Plans

In Prey, there is a variety of chipsets and weapons and gadgets and fabrication plans to use, mostly against the typhon, but also against other enemies. This will give some locations of the more unusual weapons and gadgets that Morgan can use. And of course remember to rescue Dr Igwe to get his chipsets.

Prey Get Chipsets

  • Dr Igwe Chip Sets are the Best in the game. The Psi Coral Extractor. No more need for psi hypo as long as Coral is available, especially towards the end of the game, so save those psi hypo.

Again, from Dr Igwe – another chipset

  •  Chipset – Alex Yu Suite


Prey Get Weapons

  • Use the stun gun in crew quarters.


Prey Get Fabrication Plans

  • Get Weapons Upgrade Kit Fabrication Plan

  • Get Psi Hypo Fabrication Plan

Morgan Yu needs to organize his emails. More weapons and gadgets coming.