Prey Evade the Nightmare in the Nightmare is Hunting You Quest

In Prey, Morgan Yu will eventually get some typhon powers, because they are powerful, more fun and easier to use compared to human upgrade skills. However, the price is that the Typhon organism will start marking Morgan Yu as a threat, sending the Nightmare against Morgan Yu.

  • This will start the Nightmare is Hunting You Quest.

To evade the Nightmare, go to another section where the Nightmare cannot follow, such as the Morgan Yu suite in the Executive Suite section.

Defeat the engineer operators, and then run into the Crew Quarters to evade the nightmare.

Or you can head to hardware labs to get a satellite communication device to evade the Nightmare. Note that Morgan Yu needs to spend 8 neuromods to repair the Moon Gate. Not sure if this is worth it.

Did you know that Morgan Yu can scan the nightmare? Just dont do it in front the of the Nightmare, until Morgan Yu is so powerful.

Prey Defeat the Nightmare

Once Morgan Yu is powerful enough, turn the table and go head to defeat the nightmare. Not sure if the nightmare will come back. Will just have to wait and see.