Divinity 2 Dragon

Divinity 2 Dragon

In divinity 2 egos dragonis, the ability of the player character to transform into a divinity 2 dragon is a key feature of the game. Transforming into a dragon will help in the player’s quest to conquer the towers belonging to the dragon knights. It comes as a big surprise to the main player character who starts off as a dragon slayer that he or she becomes a divinity 2 dragon. The whole process of becoming a divinity 2 dragon starts with the transfer of a dragon’s memory into the main player character’s mind. This is an essential step in becoming a dragon slayer, as the dragon slayer has to understand the mind of a dragon in order to hunt and slew dragons. Unfortunately the player character does not have enough time to assimilate the information download and train mentally as a dragon slayer, as his team of dragon slayers has to set out immediately to hunt down the last dragon knight Talan.

Becoming a Divinity 2 Dragon

The player character joins Rhodes, the dragon slayer commander, in Broken Valley to find information about the last dragon knight Talan. After procuring information from various sources in sighting the dragon, the player character is disappointed to find that he is not included in the hunt for the last dragon. The reason given is that he has “great potential” but is “not ready” yet. So if the last dragon is destroyed and the player character does not kill a dragon, why would he have the title of “Dragon Slayer”?

As the story continues to unfold, the player character is supposed to meet with Rhodes at the Broken Valley village gate. However, the player character meets Talan instead, the last dragon he is destined to kill. A short conversation later, the player character will find into a slumber. In his dreams, he transforms into a divinity 2 dragon (finally!) and must fly through a swarm of enemy dragons, and into some enemy ballistas. The player character wakes and realizes the memory download has been completed. Talana has gifted the power of a dragon to you……

Divinity 2 Dragon Powers

There is no point in being a dragon if one does not have some powers to enjoy. These are the powers of a divinity 2 dragon.

  • Fire Sphere – this is like a fireball, except from the mouth of a dragon.
  • Fire Breath – every dragon must be able to breath something ie ice, acid, poison, etc in this case, the player character must breathe fire.
  • Dragon Burst – the above attacks not good enough for you. Fancy a fire attack better and bigger – use dragon burst – this fire attack will rapidly spread around and consume the enemies
  • Dragon Shield – this will protect the dragon more over the usually already protective dragon armor, but wait! Who wants to become a dragon to be defensive? Attack, attack and attack – that is the key.
  • Dragon Spirit – this will heal the dragon player character
  • Summon Friend – being one of the last dragon knights too lonely? Summon another dragon to the fray and join the battle!

Although one of the ultimate goals in divinity 2 is to become a dragon (not too many dragon games out there), there are many side quests as a human dragon knight, including a bandit side quest.

Divinity 2 Ego Draconis is an excellent game – some say even better than Dragon Age Origins.

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