Dragon Age 2 Legacy DLC Walkthrough

The Dragon Age 2 Legacy DLC Walkthrough is here!

Dragon Age 2 Legacy DLC Starts

Dragon Age 2 Legacy DLC Vimmark Chasm and Defeating Rhatigan

Dragon Age 2 Legacy New Monsters – a new monster called the Bronto has been introduced. This new dragon age 2 legacy new monster is a rhino-like creature – tough and likes to charge at the party. Surround the Bronto with fighters and protect the mages, who can stand at the back and throw offensive spells at the Bronto. Petrify will not work against it, so use cold based spells to slow it down.

Dragon Age 2 Legacy Corypheus’ Prison – Sashamiri Floor – Defeating the First Guardian. After defeating the first guardian of the seal, Hawke is able to use the Hawke’s Key to break the seal and super-charge the Hawke’s Key with one of four damage types – Nature, Electricity, Fire and Ice.

Corypheus returns in Dragon Age Inquisition.

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