Outriders Walkthrough Pyromancer Class Get To First City

Outriders Walkthrough begins with the Pyromancer Class hero. In Outriders, the Outrider hero becomes a hero after waking up from cryogenesis. The Outrider hero wakes up to find the home planet of the Earth colonizers now a nightmare and battlegrounds for whoever is stronger. Enlisted by the commander of Rift Town and joined by Jakub, the Outrider hero must now get to the Solar Tower first, and then unlock the rest of the quests and side quests to get to the First City.

The Pyromancer Class hero continues to level up and adds more skills to the already impressive list of skills.

Before the First City walkthrough, the Solar Tower is the main target of the hero.

The Pyromancer hero unleashes more Pyromancer powered skills against the enemies.

Finally after the Solar Tower, the hero is able to meet up with Jakub and Jakub drives the customizable truck to the First City Outskirts. Its time to explore the First City, which is divided into various parts, including the Camp, the Outskirts, the Anomaly Distortion, the Hilltop, the Gate, the Ruined Power Plant, the Hangman Giant Tree, and the City Centre.

Well, its actually the Trickster Class hero here on progress to get to the First City, but the Pyromancer hero will follow through shortly.