Nioh Walkthrough Game Guide

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The Nioh walkthrough actually begins in London, where a pirate and so to be samurai and then ex-pirate William, rises from the dungeon to become a hero of medieval Japan in the 1600s, the period of warfare between the various clans of Japan. Of course, throw in amrita, and one creates more chaos and daemons, or Yokai. The Nioh walkthrough begins, and follows mostly with the run from one shrine or save point to the next, and the boss fights. Not to mention the important parts of the game to create the most powerful samurai and get the best weapons and items.

The wise Nioh warrior takes time to master his skills, before venturing forth.

The main objective in missions is to get from one shrine to the other, until the hero reaches the boss.

After William escapes from the Tower of London, he ends up in Japan. And the mystery missions start.

    • Mission 1 – Investigate the Mystery of the Deserted Fishing Village
    • Mission 2 – Deep in the Shadows – boss Hino Enma the Vampire Bat Queen is a handful, but her fight moves are so beautiful one could wish for the fight to go on and on and on.

  • Mission 3 – The Spirit Stone Slumbers. More to follow.

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  •   Mystery of Death Lilies Mission
“The town of Futamata in Totoumi province is where the Tenryu River and the Futamata river merge. This, in addition to its proximity to the highway, made it an invaluable location for the Tokugawa army. Although the powerful Takeda family once claimed the area, Ieyasu succeeded in taking it back. Glutamate is also well known as the site of death of Ieyasu’s eldest, Nobuyasu.”

And with these prologue words, the mission level 5 quest – Mysteries of Death Lilies starts. The main objective is to investigate the town of Futamata, which has fallen to rogue warriors ie ronins and worse, daemons from the realm of Tokai. Why is this so?

It is customary and typical for the novice samurai warrior to rush headlong into battle, with the usual consequences – back to the shrine asap.